Patrick Jennings: Creative english author

Impressions from Nina Hermans from the P5, ENA:

Patrick Jennings said, that when he was a boy, he had always wanted a dog, but when he got his first dog, it died shortly afterwards. That’s why he dedicated his first book “electric dog” to his dog. Most of the other books are also about pets.

He showed us, how he starts making his stories, and made a story with us. We started by choosing a main character and what it wants: We choose a snake, who wants a crown. Then we decided, what stopped it from getting that. Finally we added all the little details about what happens in the story.

At the end Patrick Jennings told us the story, that we had created. I peronally enjoyed his visit very much and I think, the rest of the primary english classes (EN P 3, P4, P 5) did too.”

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