Kemate-Kemate-Kora-Kora: New Zealand storytelling

Kemate, kemate, kora, kora” – it is death, it is death, it is life, it is life: Nobody who has learned the famous new zealandian Haka from storyteller Andrew Wright, will ever forget it. Shouting it out loud and doing the movements gave a lot of energy.

The half-Maori storyteller came for the english section and enthusiased them by telling maori and african stories with a lot of strength and power. Especially the boys were delighted. A coment of a fan from 5 ENB, Alexandro Scouteris: “Andy is brilliant at telling stories. He can make all kinds of expressions on his face, he can make you laugh, smile, scared or even cry with joy. His stories are fascinating and not broing. He told us about the Haka and the Maori People. He made time fly past. I loved his stories.”

But also the girls liked the Haka. Andrew Wright could also be tender with the smaller kids. They had a lot to laugh and were delighted too. A very special event!

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